Arrow of Light Face Painting Ceremony

Prepare a table ahead of time with paper plates, ½” paint brushes, and paper towels to wipe paint off the brushes.  Just before starting the presentation, place several drops of each color paint onto the paper plates.

Will [candidate’s names] and their parents please come up.  These boys have finished the requirements for the Arrow of Light. However, before receiving the highest honor in Cub Scouting, these candidates must show to the world that they follow the seven great virtues of life. These seven virtues are symbolized by the seven rays on the Arrow of Light award.

[Candidate’s names], I want you to know how proud your parents and your scout leaders are that you have chosen to work hard and earn this important Cub Scout award.  Please sit down in these chairs, and parents, if you will help us now...

Take yellow from the sun and place the mark of WISDOM on your son’s forehead.  This mark stands for his desire to learn wisdom and with it make a better life for himself and his family.

Take blue from the summer sky and place the mark of COURAGE on his chin, just under his lip, to show that he will stand up to any task asked of him.

Take purple from the lilac flower and place the mark of SELF-CONTROL on his chin, below the other mark.  This shows that he knows his limits and when to say no.

Take green from the tall mountain trees and place the mark of JUSTICE high on his right cheek to show that he deals fairly and honestly with everyone.

Take white from the winter snow and place the mark of FAITH high on his left cheek.  This shows that he has a deep faith in God and acknowledges His hand in all things.

Take orange from a brilliant sunset and place the mark of HOPE lower on his right cheek.  With every sunset, we have hope for better things to come.

Take red from the wild rose and place the mark of LOVE lower on his left cheek to show that he loves his family, his friends, his country and Heavenly Father.

Boys, you will find that if you follow these seven virtues, you will be happy.  If you are happy, you will be successful.

Parents, you have done your job well.  You may be seated now.  Candidates, please join me.