The Ghost Catchers Instant Skit

Print out one Narrator part, one Ghost part, and several Ghost Catcher parts. Give the parts to your volunteers a few minutes before the skit, so they can read through the parts and prepare. This is best done with adults, since the kids think it's funny to see adults acting silly.


Narrator: A ghost has just been spotted harassing people on Elm street. When there’s a ghost on the loose, who ya gonna call? Ghost Catchers! The Ghost Catchers are just about to round up this one, let’s watch.

Ghost Catchers arrive and try all manner of improvised ways to get rid of the ghost. None work.

Narrator: Uh oh. The Ghost Catchers seem to be having some trouble with this one. Nothing is working and they don’t know what to do! [pause] Wait, they seem to be trying to sing a song…

Ghost Catchers begin singing (horribly) and the ghost runs away.

Narrator: The Ghost Catchers succeed again. Let’s give them a big hand!


Wander around the front of the room, making ghost noises.

When the Ghost Catchers come, they will try many things to make you go away. None of them work. You taunt them and tease them about not being able to chase you away.

When the Ghost Catchers start singing, you listen for a minute and then run away because it is so terrible. You make comments about how it is the worst group of singers you’ve ever heard.

Ghost Catcher

A ghost is terrorizing the neighborhood. When the narrator says the Ghost Catchers are coming, you walk up to the front where the ghost is.

To chase away the ghost, improvise various methods of scaring it, spraying anti-ghost on it, telling it to go home, sweeping it away, etc., etc. None of these things works…

When the narrator says nothing is working, start singing “Home on the Range” VERY BADLY! Don’t try to sing together or on key. Make up words if you can’t remember them.

The ghost runs away and you triumphantly return to your seat.