Low-Preparation Versions of Traditional Activities

These are easy versions of traditional Cub Scout activities that require little preparation and are built and used in one pack meeting.

Milk Carton Regatta

Build sailing ships out of ½ of a small milk carton with drinking straws as masts and paper for a sail.  (Use the larger 2-cup carton, the smaller ones don't work well.)  Clay or rock weights in the back of the ship are helpful to keep it from tipping over when the Cub Scout is blowing on the sail.  Let the kids color the sail or staple colored paper on the ships for decorations.

Vegetable Regatta

Slice the top off of a bell pepper, gourd, zucchini, or other vegetable and hollow it out with a spoon.  Then stick one or two shish-kebab skewers into it for masts and tape on a small piece of paper for a sail.

Pop Bottle Space Derby

Make pop bottle rocket launchers and shoot them off.  This is a great summer activity since the kids will get very wet.

Instant Pinewood Derby

Use Styrofoam or standard wood kits.  Give kids 15 minutes to paint them with water-based paints or markers and install the wheels.  Then race the cars.