Eight Pack Meeting Essentials

  1. KISMIF:  Keep It Simple, Make It Fun.  If it isn’t fun, they won’t come back.  Pack meetings shouldn’t be boring for either the Cub Scouts or their families.

  2. Plan Ahead:  Set pack meeting themes 3 months ahead of time or more.  Plan pack meetings at least a month ahead of time (some need more time, such as the Blue and Gold banquet and Pinewood Derby).

  3. Use the Committee:  Delegate!  The pack meeting organizer can’t do everything.  Delegate as much as possible so you can keep everything moving and have time to react to problems.  Give others an opportunity to shine, including parents and the cubs themselves.  Have each den contribute something to each pack meeting (song, skit, display, etc.).

  4. Use a Theme:  A theme helps link the different activities in a pack meeting together.  Find opening ceremonies, skits, songs, games, crafts, awards, and even costumes that build on the theme.  Doing this makes the meeting more fun and more memorable.

  5. Build in Creativity:  Make sure the boys have a chance to be creative when doing crafts, Pinewood Derby cars, skits, etc.  Don’t tell them how to do everything -- step back and be amazed at what they come up with on their own.

  6. Use Traditions:  Make sure your pack has traditions that the boys look forward to.  Things like the induction and farewell ceremonies, Pinewood Derby, special awards, and service projects are eagerly anticipated every year.  Don’t be afraid to start new traditions.

  7. Involve the Whole Family:  Plan games and crafts for everyone in the family.  Play a game that involves the whole audience.  Have an “Open” competition for the Pinewood Derby that anyone can participate in.

  8. Be Consistent:  Each pack meeting should have a similar structure or rhythm.  Breaking that structure for a special meeting (such as an Arrow of Light ceremony) makes it different and more memorable.  Start and end on time.