The Yeti Song

Sung to the tune of “Allouette”

Yeti, yeti, we’re the scary yeti
Yeti, yeti, and we like to yell
Do we like to stomp the snow?
Yes! We like to stomp the snow!
     (repeat the last phrase of each verse sung so far)
Stomp the snow.
Stomp the snow.

Dig snow caves.
Dig snow caves.

Topple trees.
Topple trees.

Argh, argh, argh, argh...        (A cross between a pirate and a monster yell)

Phrases to use in each verse:

Do we like to stomp the snow?         (stomp with both feet and roar)
Do we like to dig snow caves?         (dig with both hands to the left and then to the right)
Do we like to topple trees?         (push from upper-right to lower-left with both hands)
Do we like to eat snow cones?         (both hands hold the “cone” and eat in one big bite – it’s a reference to Monster’s Inc.)
Do we like to snowball fight?         (toss a couple of snow balls in different directions)
Do we like to toss big rocks?         (pretend to lift and heave an enormous rock)
Do we like to pound our chests?         (like Tarzan, pound chest alternately with hands)
Do we like to chase the wolves?         (run around waving arms)
Do we like to build bonfires?         (hold hands out in front and look warm and cozy)

By Matt Young (Scout leader in the Ore-Ida Council), copyright 2009. Permission is granted to use this work in any way that benefits the Boy Scouts of America as long there is no commercial gain.)