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Leslie Warner's Army Service in World War II

Winter 1944:   Leslie was a Forward Observer for the 776th Field Artillery Battalion which was equipped with 155mm howitzers, as shown here.  This photo was probably taken in Belgium before the Battle of the Bulge.

1945:    Newspaper story about Leslie and his brother Edwin.

His dog tags.  Leslie Warner's dog tags  [1]

His Purple Heart.  Purple Heart Medal  Purple Heart Medal Case [2]

French and German money he brought back from the war.  French and German coins brought back by Leslie. [1]

Some of his Army patches.  Leslie Warner's Army patches  [1]

A company roster.  An Army company roster  [1]

Army passes for Belgium and England.      [1]  On the upper-left pass, his organization is listed as Battery B, 776th Field Artillery Battalion.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos came from Sophia (Blanchard) Warner.  Descriptions came from writing on the photo itself or from Sophia.
[1]  Courtesy of Diana Warner.  Photo taken in June, 2012 by Matt Young.
[2]  Photo taken in December, 2013 by Matt Young.