John Henry Peterson [Sr.]

John H Peterson son of Henry Peterson and Bengta Nilsson, born 10 Aug 1857 in Sweden. Came to Utah with his parents in 1859 when two years old. His mother died some time in 1860. His father married his second wife. His father moved to Logan Cach [Cache] Co Utah where he lived about five years. His father with his family moved from logan to Bear lake valley, Idaho in 1867. They lived at Montpelier about three years then moved to Ovid, Bear Lake Co. where he grew to manhood and lived the rest of his life. He was called to go to Logan and get out timber to build the Logan Temple. He chopped timber for a short time, when he cut one of his feet, so he drove oxen after that, hauling logs to the sawmill. Oct 14, 1880 he married Mary Jane Skinner in the Endowment house Salt Lake City Utah, who was the daughter of John Skinner and Jane Smith. She was born at Elba Jenesee Co New York, 22 Feb 1861. To this couple were born the four children, John Henry 29 Oct 1881, Joseph Alma 29 Dec 1882, a boy that died at birth, Jane Mathilda 7 Mar 1886. His wife died 19 Mar 1886 at Ovid, and was burried at Nounan Bear Lake Co Idaho. After her death he homesteaded 160 acres of meadow land and engaged ranching and stock raising the rest of his life. He butched part of time with his two small boys until Oct 1890. When he married his second wife, Ellen Caroline Elma who was a native of Sweden, to this unioin was born seven children Mae Caroline 26 Mar 1891, Merlin Ferdinand 8 Mar 1893, Elmer 11 Sept 1895, Nancy Meritha 20 Feb 1898, Nancy Irene 10 Aug 1899, Leroy 27 Aug 1901, Pearl Beatrice 18 July 1904. He was always on hand when there was sickness. He died from Cancer of the Stomach 29 Feb 1915, and was burried at Ovid.

1997, December 9:  This appears to have been written by John Henry Peterson, his son.  Transcribed to computer by Matt Young.  Spelling and punctuation are original.  Some names and dates may be incorrect due to the difficulty of reading parts of the original document.