The Battle of Ia Drang

and the Road from
1st Cavalry Patch Tragedy to Triumph

Before X-Ray
Ia Drang
Ia Drang's Influence


Secondary Sources

Anderson, David L. Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War. New York: Columbia University Press, 2002.

            This book had a little bit of information on the battle and gave me a basic understanding of my topic.

Brigham, Robert K.. "Battlefield Vietnam: a Brief History." Battlefield Vietnam. PBS. 1 Feb 2007 <>.

            This secondary source had a timeline that showed me how the Battle of Ia Drang tied in with the rest of the Vietnam War.

Brigham, Robert K. E-Mail interview. 1 Feb. 2007.

            This interview gave me some of the reasons why the Battle of Ia Drang was important.

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            This website included an animated battle map that showed the movement of troops on both sides during the Battle of Ia Drang.

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This source helped me understand the importance of the battle.

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This site gave me a recent picture of Lt. Gen. Hal Moore.

"Hal Moore." Answers Corporation. 13 Feb 2007 <>.

            This secondary source had a picture of Hal Moore during the battle. 

Hay, John H. "Chapter II: Ia Drang (October-November 1965)." Vietnam Studies: Tactical and Materiel Innovations. 1974. US Army. 13 Feb 2007 <>.

            This online book gave me some pictures of the type of helicopter used during the Battle of Ia Drang to transport troops.

"Map of Vietnam." 26 Feb 2007 < html>.

            This webpage gave me a map of Vietnam, which I cropped and added text to so I could show the location of the Ia Drang Valley. I used Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 to edit the map.

"The Impact of Vietnam." Posters, American Style. Smithsonian American Art Museum. 18 Jan 2007 <>.

            This site had pictures and information about the situation in the US during the war and why and when US military went to Vietnam.

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            This online book gave me a detailed account of the Battle of Ia Drang and a quote by (then) Lt. Col. Hal Moore about the effects of US airmobility during the battle.

"US Army Individual Decorations." Army Awards. 25 Feb 1995. Americal Division Veterans Association. 30 Jan 2007 <>.

            This source had the requirement for the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Bronze Star, two awards that were given to participants in the Battle of Ia Drang.

"We Were Soldiers." We Were Soldiers. 29 Jan 2007 <>.
This secondary source had lots of numbers, like how many killed, etc. It also gave me some causes for the battle.

Wright, David. Causes and Consequences of the Vietnam War. Hong Kong: Raintree Steck-Vaughn Publishers, 1996. 

            This source gave me some information about North Vietnam and its military leaders during the wars.

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