The Battle of Ia Drang

and the Road from
1st Cavalry Patch Tragedy to Triumph

Before X-Ray
Ia Drang
Ia Drang's Influence


Primary Sources

Adler, Bill. Letters From Vietnam. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., Inc., 1967.

This primary source had a letter that told about a soldier’s experience in the Battle of Ia Drang and another letter that described the conditions of US soldiers in Vietnam at the time.

Freeman, Ed. Personal interview. 20 Feb. 2007.

            This interview was very helpful in answering how my topic was important.

Moore, Harold, and Joseph L. Galloway. We Were Soldiers Once ... and Young. New York: Harpertouch, 1992.        

            This book was an excellent primary source by Hal Moore. It gave me some background information and individual accounts of the battle. 

O'Niel, Micheal. "229th Aviation Battalion Vietnam." 229th Aviation Battalion Vietnam. 8 Jan 2007. 229th Aviation Battalion. 24 Jan 2007 <>.        

This site, created by veterans, had pictures of crests and patches of the 229th Aviation Battalion and a poem written by a veteran.

Sheehan, Niel. "G.I.'s Fight heavy Battle in Foothills Near Pleime." New York Times 15 Nov 1965: 1, 5.

            This newspaper article told me where the Ia Drang Valley is and some details on the first day of the battle.

Sheehan, Niel. "G.I.'s Inflict Heavy Losses On North Vietnam Troops." New York Times 16 Nov 1965: 1, 6.

            This article gave me some more information about the valley and details about the first night and second morning of the battle. It also included some information about Hal Moore.

Sheehan, Niel. "U.S. Units Pull Out After Killing 637." New York Times 17 Nov 1965: 1, 3.

            The last newspaper article I looked at gave me details about the second day and the battle in general.

Smith, Jack P.. "Sandbag For A Machine Gun: Jack P. Smith on the Battle of the Ia Drang Valley and the Legacy of the Vietnam War." Niel Mishalov's Web Site. 8 Nov 2003. 31 Jan 2007 <>.

            This primary source gave me an idea of what it was like for a US soldier during the battle.

"The Tonkin Gulf Incident." Vietnam Online. 29 Mar 2005. PBS. 8 Feb 2007 <http:// amex/vietnam/psources/ps_tonkingulf.html>.

            This primary source had Lyndon B. Johnson’s reasons for being in Vietnam.

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