Joel Ricks and wives Eleanor and Sarah

[November, 1859] The following members of the High Priest's Quorum met at Brother David B. Dille's to organize a quorum -- David B. Dille, Joel Ricks, John P. Wright, John Nelson, John E. Jones, Ebenezer Sanders, Lemuel Mallory, Thomas E. Ricks, William B. Preston, moved, seconded and carried that David B. Dille be President over all the High Priests on the East side of Cache Valley; that Joel Ricks be first counselor and that John Pannell Wright be second counselor, also that John Pannell Wright be Clerk of said quorum.
At the next meeting of the high priests, held at the home of Joel Ricks, November 29, 1859, high priests from other settlements joined the Logan high priests.
In 1873 only thiry-nine years after Joseph Smith, Sr. was ordained presiding patriarch of the Mormon Church, President Brigham Young, speaking in Logan, announced that patriarchs would be ordained in every large settlement; and six were ordained in Logan, namely:  William Earl, William Ballard, Joel Ricks, Lemuel Mallory, Hans Anderson, and Solomon Lundberg.  These are the first patriarchs listed in Cache Valley.

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