Other Matson Relatives

Grandma Browning's Swedish Dinner Rolls; a recipe from Emma Christina (Matson) Browning

Autobiography of Emma Christina (Matson) Browning, Axel Edward Matson's sister.

John Nicholaus Matson's family, Axel Edward Matson's brother, and his wife Ethel Whiting.

Biography of Johanna Matilda "Tilly" Matson, Axel Edward Matson's sister. 

Carl Richard "Rick" Matson's obituary, Axel Edward Matson's brother.

Oscar Martin (Martin Oscar Mathiasson), Axel Edward Matson's brother.

Another history of Oscar Martin.

Alma Caroline (Matson) Christenson's obituary, Axel Edward Matson's sister.

Yerda Sophia Matson's obituary, Axel Edward Matson's sister.

LaVern Lundquist, Tilly's son. LaVern Lundquist 

Yerda and her husband Fred. Yerda Matson and husband Fred

Bob and Bertha Matson. Bob and Bertha Matson  (5)
Bob Matson. Bob Matson  (5) 

John Matson  John Matson

John and Ethel Matson (eating watermelon?)  John and Ethel Matson

The home of John and Ethel Matson  John and Ethel Matson at their home

John Matson  John Matson

Rose Haddon. Rose Haddon  Haddon Kids. Haddon kids  Jackie, Violet, and Orville (we don't know the name of the other one).  They are cousins of Lorenzo Matson. 

Wallace Matson's megaphone car (son of Axel Edward Matson). Wallace Matson's megaphone car
Wallace Matson's wife Margaret. Margaret Matson
Wallace Matson's son Mark and his dog. Mark Matson and his dog
Wallace Matson's car, son Mark, and his dog. Mark Matson


Documents and photos are from Phyllis (Matson) Peterson.  Photos were scanned in October, 2000 by Matthew Young.