Immigration Dates

1.  Henry Heber Allen Jr. history
2.  Henry Heber Allen Sr. history
3.  Elijah Allen history in the LDS Biographical Encyclopedia and Treasures of Pioneer History
4.  Andrew Lee Allen history
5.  Messenger and Advocate, March 1837
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8.  Neils Christian Poulsen history
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11.  Joel Ricks Jr. history
12.  Joel Ricks Jr. history by Karl Woods
13.  Joel Ricks Jr. chronology
14.  Joel Ricks Sr. history
15.  Thomas Ricks encounter with Indians
16.  Sarah Beriah Fiske history
17.  Sarah Beriah Fiske, Ricks family history
18.  Sarah Beriah Fiske, history by daughter
19.  Susette Cardon history
20.  Susette Cardon, another history
21.  John Paul Cardon history
22.  John Paul Cardon biography
23.  John Paul Cardon newspaper interview
24.  Susannah Goudin history
25.  Susannah Goudin biography from Our Pioneer Heritage
26.  Susannah Goudin, another history
27.  Susannah Goudin, biography from Heart Throbs of the West
28.  John Henry Peterson, Jr. history
29.  John Henry Peterson, Sr. history
30.  Henry Peterson history
31.  History of the George Rowley Handcart Company
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33.  Jane Smith history
34.  John and Jan Skinner biography from "History of Bear Lake Pioneers"
35.  History of Nounan
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37.  George and Annie Jeffs Golden Anniversary
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40.  Axel Edward Matson life story
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42.  Crapo family history
43.  George and Rosina Young History
44.  Memories of Life in Thatcher
45.  Life Sketch of Joshua Brigham Morgan from "Progressive Men of Idaho"
46.  Joseph Morgan and his wife Elizabeth Hardman
47.  History of Joshua Hague Gillet & Mary Butterly
48.  George Henry Taylor History
49.  Joseph Morgan and Elizabeth Hardman 
50.  See source details in the PAF record for this person.