Young/Allen/Peterson/Matson Family History

Glenn Allen Young  (1945 Soda Springs, Idaho)
Howard B Young    (1908-1999 Preston, Idaho)
George Young    (1874-1949 Kaysville, Utah)
William Lowe Young   (1830-1920 Tansley, Derbyshire, England)

Benjamin Young   (1805-1873 Tansley, Derbyshire, England)

John Young   (1764-1835 Dethwick, Derbyshire, England)

Mary Andrew  (1769-1841 Crich, Derbyshire, England)

Sarah Lowe  (1809-1843 Tansley, Derbyshire, England)

Ellen Bunting   (1827-1898 Tansley, Derbyshire, England)
Julia Widdowson Reeves  Julia Widdowson Reeves (1846-1897 Breaston, Derbyshire, England)

Abram Reeve  (1814-1889 Breaston, Derbyshire, England)

Bessey Widdowson  (1822-1881 Breaston, Derbyshire, England)
Rosina (Rose) Barfus   (1882-1972 Roataback, Bern Switzerland)

Johannes Baerfuss  (1829-1913 Herzogenbuchsee, Bern, Switzerland)

Elizabeth Aeschbacher  (1844-1930 Eggiwil, Bern, Switzerland)
Irene Allen   (1917-2003 Banida, Idaho)
Henry Heber Allen, Jr.   (1886-1963 Cove, Utah)
Henry Heber Allen, Sr. Henry Heber Allen, Sr.   (1862-1941 Fort Herriman, Utah)

Elijah Allen   (1826-1866 Burton, New York)

Andrew Lee Allen  (1794-1870 Wakefield, New Hampshire)

Clarinda Knapp  (1802-1862 Bethlehem, Connecticut)

Eliza Ann Bickmore  (1830-1901 Madisonville, Illinois)

William M. Bickmore  (1799-1884 Meduncook, Maine)

Christina Bagley  (1808-1880 Frederickstown, New York)
Elgena Poulsen Elgena Poulsen  (1860-1937 Richmond, Utah)

Niels Christian Poulsen (1833-1861 Slagelse, Denmark)

Helge Olsen   (1832-1872 Lund Holt, Norway)
Reda Ricks     (1890-1970 Springville, Utah)
Joel Ricks, Jr.    (1804-1888 Farmington, Utah)
Joel Ricks, Sr.  (2)  (1772-1844 Donaldson Creek, Kentucky)
Sarah Beriah Fiske  Sarah Beriah Fiske (5)  (1819-1891 Potsdam, New York)
Susette Cardon   (4)  (1861-1919 Logan, Utah)
Jean (John) Paul Cardon  (2)  (1840-1915 Prarustin, Turin, Piedmont, Italy)
Phillipe Cardon  (2)  (1801-1889 Prarustin, Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Marthe Marie Tourn  (1799-1873 Rora, Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Susannah Goudin (1833-1920 Prarustin, Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Barthelemi Gaudin or Goudin  (1798-1841 Prarustin, Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Marthe Cardon  (1794-1864 Prarustin, Turin, Piedmont, Italy)

Linda Anne Peterson (1945 Rigby, Idaho)
Von Leroy Peterson   (3)  (1922-2005 Garfield, Idaho)
John Henry Peterson, Jr. (3)  (1881-1960 Ovid, Idaho)
John Henry Peterson, Sr.   (1857-1915 Caroli, Malmo City, Malmohus, Sweden)
Henry Peterson   (Henrick Persson or Henrich Pehrson)  (1813-1881 Virestad, Malmohus, Sweden)
Bengta Neilson     (Bengta Nillsson)  (1820-About 1860 Eskilthorp, Sweden)
Mary Jane Skinner  (1861-1886 Oakfield (Elby), New York)
John Skinner  John Skinner  (1822-1899 Swimbridge, Devonshire, England)
Jane Smith  Jane Smith  (1831-1914 Bishop Nympton, Devonshire, England)

George Smith  (1787-1835 Bishop Nympton, Devonshire, England)
Ann Bowden  (1791-1878 George Nympton, Devonshire, England)
Florence Mary Jeffs   (3)  (1887-1986 Big Cottonwood (Holladay), Utah)
George Henry Jeffs    (1863-1946 Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England)

Joseph Jeffs  (1824-1898 Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, England)

Anne Matilda Bateman  (1828-1904 Chipperfield, Hertfordshire, England)
  • George was adopted by Matilda and Joseph.
James Bateman (1806-1875 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England)
John Bateman (1780-1864 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England)

Henry Ryon?
Mary Bateman  Mary Bateman or Anne Matilda Bateman  (1839-? Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England)
  • Mary is George's mother.  She is probably Matilda's cousin.
Caroline Bateman (1821-? Flaunden, Hertfordshire, England)
John Bateman (1780-1864 Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England)
Annie Groom    (1866-1947 Chiltern Green, Bedfordshire, England)
Nathan Groom    (1839-1932 Breachwood Green, Hertfordshire, England)
Emma Elizabeth Hill    (1822-1899 Crutchmore, Hertfordshire, England)
Phyllis Ethel Matson  (3)  (1922-2005 Rigby, Idaho)
Lorenzo Edward "Ren" Matson (1899-1989 Labelle, Idaho)
Axel Edward "Ed" Matson  Axel Edward Matson   (1875-1964 Uppsala, Stockholm, Sweden)
Johan Mathiasson (John Matson)  Johan Mathiasson  (1838-1911 Hagakulle, Alvsborg, Sweden)
Christina Sophia Abrahamsson  Christina Abrahamsson  (1841-1911 Finnerodjz, Orebro, Sweden)
Clarissa May Crapo    (1879-1902 Lynne, Utah)
Lorenzo Snow Crapo    (1852-1886 Council Bluffs, Iowa)

Joseph George Crapo  (1806-1886 Freetown, Massachussetts)
  • Came to Utah in 1852 according to Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p. 836.

Charles Crapo  (1780-1862 Dartmouth, Massachussetts)
Peter Crapo  (1743-1822 Rochester, Massachussetts) 
John Crapo  (1711-1783 Rochester, Massachussetts) 
Pierre (Peter) Crapo  (Bordeaux, France)
Penelope White  (1687-1738 Rochester, Massachussetts)
Resolved White  (~1615~1687 Holland or England) 
William White  (?~1620 England)
  • Came on the Mayflower, one of 41 signers of the Mayflower Compact.
Susanna ?  (England)
Sarah or Sally Lucas  (1782-1878 Carver, Massachussetts)

Mary Hicks Collins  (1809-1888 Dartmouth, Massachussetts)
Cynthia Rumina Gilson    (1863-1930 Lynne, Utah)

Edward Newell Gilson  (1841-1909 Melton, Leicestershire, England)

William Gilson (1811-1873 Melton, Leicestershire, England)

Charlotte King (1812-1899 Long Clawson, Leicestershire, England)

Cynthia Rumina Drake  (1846-1919 Florence, Nebraska)
Daniel Newell Drake  (2)  (1819-1879 New York)

Daniel Drake   (1789-1851 Vermont)

Patience Perkins (1783-1862 Vermont)

Cynthia Parker Johnson  (1825-1846 Richmond, New York)
Edith Pearl Morgan    (1901-1975 Labelle, Idaho)
Joshua Brigham Morgan  (1862-1933 Mill Creek, Utah)
John Morgan  (1829-1909 Preston, Lancashire, England)
Joseph Morgan (1808-1838 Chorley, Lancashire, England)

Elizabeth Hardman (1810-1882 Salwick, Lancashire, England)
Ann Gillett    (1832-1913 Hasworth, Yorkshire, England)

Joshua Hague Gillett (1808-1865 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England)

Mary Butterly (1815-1885 Ridgeway, Derbyshire, England)
Lucy Jane Taylor    (1869-1923 Mill Creek, Utah)
George Taylor  (1)  (1835-1910 Credenhill, Herefordshire, England)
Henry Taylor  (About 1809)

Ann Williams  (About 1811)
Lucy Lavinia Hughes  (1840-1900 Leominster, Herefordshire, England)

James Hughes  (1813-1903 Kings Pyon, Herefordshire, England)

Elizabeth Swallow  (1813-1865 Bodenham, Herefordshire, England)


(1) Picture obtained from Linda (Peterson)Young and scanned in November, 1998.
(2) Picture from Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, courtesy of the Infobases LDS Family History Suite, 1996 version.
(3) Picture from a pictorial pedigree chart obtained from Linda (Peterson) Young and scanned in August, 1999.
(4) Picture from Carma (Allen) Mineer and scanned in December, 2005.
(5) Picture from Special Collections and Archives, Merrill Library, Utah State University